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Anyone have a favorite gardening magazine?

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I'd love to know this too! The magazines all seem to focus on flowers. The only flowers I've ever grown are sunflowers (granted I grew close to 100 of them across a back fence that backed up to a well traveled road, so it was an impressive sight) but I don't do flowers! I do veggies! I want rewards for all my work! And flowers don't really do that for me. Tomatoes and veggies do!

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I love Mother Earth News! (Would give it as a gift and would love it as a gift.)


I'm not a big fan of Organic Gardening, as much of their information does not apply to the south. I think of them as more of a 'regional' magazine.


Two new mags that I enjoy - mainly because they are new and fresh but certainly not loaded with garden information - are:

Urban Farm

Mary Jane's Farm



If you want a book suggestion - This Organic Life by Joann Dye Gussow is wonderful! It is a very realistic look at the challenges (and joys) of veggie gardening.

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