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Brushing up my French...

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I want to get back to my French lessons. I took 4 years in high school <ahem> years ago,;) and really enjoyed it. I am wondering if anyone has come across a French program that is very quickly paced--enough that I could start at the beginning to refresh my memory, but not spend forever doing basic beginner lessons. I really need to focus more on grammar and the tricky bits, since the vocabulary seems to come back pretty quickly.

Any suggestions?

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How about Annenberg's French in Action program. You could do it as quick as you'd like.....


This series uses active participation to increase fluency in French, while introducing French culture. Pierre Capretz's proven language-immersion method is presented within a humorous teleplay with native speakers of all ages and backgrounds. The storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman's adventures in Paris and the French countryside is reinforced by Dr. Capretz's on-camera instruction. The series is also appropriate for teacher professional development.


Produced by Yale University and WGBH Boston with Wellesley College. 1987.



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Grammaire Progressive du Francais might work for you .....




... and here is the answer key ...




They have other levels as well.


I was in the same position as you and have found that this definitely concentrates more on grammar and assumes a prior knowledge of the vocabulary. It's also very well laid out and easy to use.

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I also took four years of French in high school and would really like to get back to it, but Spanish and Latin seem more important right now. I keep looking at this website, but can't find the time to do it.



I hear you. I am working my way through Henle Latin 1 right now, anticipating the day my dc are ready for it (ds is finishing Prima Latina this year) and the unfamiliarity made me long for something I didn't have to work so hard at--the French is all stored up in my brain already. I just have to mine it out.:D

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