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Can someone tell me about unit studies? Which curricula?


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WOW I just typed a huge post and accidently hit the BACK key. :chillpill:


I guess its better that way, I wont ramble on as much now. ;) I'll just cut straight to the point.


We're doing Classical Conversations in the fall for our oldest three - who'll be in 2nd, 4th, and 7th grade. We're not doing Essentials for our 4th grader because 1) the money issue and 2) not sure he's ready for it. We are doing Challenge A for my 7th grader.


SO after spending just over $3000 on that...you may be able to understand that my DH is not willing to spend a ton more. :(


My oldest three will also being taking a few classes at the local ALE program for things like art, science, P.E.


The math I think I have covered.


So that leaves language arts and I should probably do more in depth with history.


What kind of curricula are out there that I could do language arts and history with all three of my children? Preferrably, I like the ideas of combined curricula so that I only need one teacher's guide/lesson book and miminal student materials. The price realllly racks up when I need to buy various grade levels for each child.


So are there options out there for me? And how much teacher time and independant time do they have? Also, are they thorough enough to be standalones for language arts (and maybe history too?).

We already do Story of the World together and plan to continue with that.


Also my 7th grader, I realize, will be pretty preoccupied with Challenge A. I think I read that he doesn't need any other added curricula?



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