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blueberry muffins...

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We had a favorite kind of blueberry muffins. It was in a box. Dunkin Hines--I think. You mixed up the stuff, and then there was a streusel topping you added before you baked them.


All of the sudden, no store carries them anymore. They were literally there one day, and gone the next.


Most of the ones come without the streusel topping. I got to thinking, I could probably make the streusel part myself, and add it to another mix. But, I don't know what's in it!!


Anyone here know how to make it?



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As an FYI, you can make up a larger batch of the streusel and keep it in the freezer. I don't think it takes any more work, really, and then you have a stash!


I made these muffins: http://www.moderateoven.com/?p=596 a couple weeks ago and doubled the whole recipe (because I had that much sweet potato). I had WAY too much streusel, but I froze the leftover and have since made other muffins "fancy" by topping them with the leftover streusel. I also froze half of the muffins because we wouldn't eat that many that fast and now I'll have some to pull out for playdates or whatever.

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