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Homeschool Ponies (Huskies) question


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I am about to start this with dd9 (starting Wednesday). I have the first few parts covered (our Flag, our Pledge of Allegiance, and our National Anthem) with books we already own, but what resources do you recommend for Our Government, Our Money, Our Mail (I am planning a field trip to the Post office if they will allow it for this) Our Military? (my state we can cover pretty easily as well)


Please keep in mind that we have an extremely small library (we live in a VERY rural area) Do you have book recommendations? (this might be tricky with our tiny library) or online recommendations? Field trip ideas? (we live 6 hours away from the state capitol :001_huh:)


We are on a very tight budget so buying resources is not an option at the moment. Thank you :001_smile:

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