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Food prices

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I've been reading all the reports about food prices going up, but the last farmer's market I went to really got me. I go every week and this last time couldn't believe the price increases. I asked the owner of the produce stand and he said he had shown up to the wholesale market that morning and about fell over with sticker shock. He said it wasn't a small increase but double and triple in just a couple of days time. He wouldn't even buy the iceberg lettuce because his cost was so high he didn't think anyone would buy it. He said the man at the wholesale place told him that was just the beginning. He took a line of credit with the guy to buy extra tomatoes to lock in the price.

I'm thinking of buying lots of things I use all the time like canned tomatoes, brown rice, nuts, etc so that we can also lock in some prices. Anyone else thinking similar thoughts?

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It's worth it! I love all of the fresh veggies we get in the summer (for very little money). We did can some and we made a huge pot of sauerkraut. I also have a few in the freezer. Unfortunately, there isn't much left though.


I think it's worth it too. I'm not going to stop buying fresh veggies, but I was concerned about other things I use that I could stock up on. I'm thinking now of a trip to the commissary.

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I heard that a lot of crops were destroyed in the last few weeks by freezing conditions down south (i.e. Mexico, Texas, etc). I remember tomatoes and asparagus specifically being affected. Even if local growers weren't affected as much prices will rise with demand. I was grateful that I could buy tomatoes today at their normal price. Hopefully prices will come down a bit by this summer when other crops come in.


Unfortunately I think other food prices will go up in the next little bit as well.

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