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When is it reasonable to file a PayPal claim?

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I ordered from a place 2 weeks ago. It is possible that the items may be in transit. The website takes you to PayPal once your order is completed. The receipt I have from the store says if you haven't paid click a link and go to PayPal to pay. I paid with PayPal right away. I didn't hear anything from them so a week later I emailed to ask if my order had shipped. It was supposed to ship in about a week. I emailed them again several days later and no response. I have attempted another email and a phone message today and am waiting for a response. Assuming there is no response, when would you think it would be reasonable to initiate a PayPal claim?

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If they are ignoring your emails, go ahead and file now. Filing a claim doesn't mean you're immediately asking for a refund, but it does obligate the seller to respond to you within PayPal's message system. That way you have a record of all communication. In your claim, include details of your previous attempts to contact the seller.


Good luck!

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Since you haven't heard from them I would go ahead and open a case. That said, I have two packages that I have been tracking that have been sitting at a Fed Ex location 30 minutes from here for several days now. For some reason Fed Ex is just sitting on them. Strange. :confused:

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