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When do your dc do their school work corrections?

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I'd like to know what is working best for other families. :) When do you have your dc do their corrections for their school work?


I'm wondering for subjects like math and spelling. I see pros and cons to each and I'm not sure what to do. I sometimes have my dd do her corrections right away (if I'm able to mark as she does her work or very shortly after) but I find that makes for a very long lesson and she's more than bored by that time (she tends to drag out math as it is). I like doing it right away because it's all still "fresh". I've had her do corrections from the day before the next day before starting the new lessons but then that adds an element of drudgery and she's worn out before even beginning the new lesson.


The last alternative is to have her do corrections in the evening. I've tried this but I find that she really doesn't do her best work at this time and after a long day of school it takes forever.- no biggie if we have nothing else to do but sometimes when we must go out, I don't like waiting around for her.


So, tell me, when do your dc do their corrections and why does that time work for you?

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Like you, both.


It depends on the day and how quickly I correct. Also depends on how much time they have spent on the subject in the first place.


Honestly, right now with Singapore and their mental math . . . I am ready to pull my hair out. They didn't start with it so they have a hard time doing it mentally. They would rather just set up the algorithm but I won't let them. It is making for some extremely long math days with a solid hour of homework. I will be :bigear: b/c I am ready to inflict grave physical harm. :glare:

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Well, for math, my dd (this is last year, 4th grade) was making a lot of little mistakes. I'd do the lesson with her (Saxon 6/5), have her do about a quarter of the problems or so, then go on to the next subject. Sometime later, she'd do the rest of the problems.


The next day, before math started (sometimes before anything except breakfast had started!), she'd go over her math problems and just do a quick check on her own, without an answer key, to see if she needed to change anything before "handing it in," so to speak. Quite often, she'd catch maybe 3 or 4 errors, usually computation or copy errors. She'd correct them, then hand it in for me.


THEN I'd go over it, and there were usually only one or two errors, (many times none) which she'd correct before the lesson that day.



It worked for us, because she split up the work so wasn't tired, she had a day to lay it aside and could then come on it " with fresh eyes," and she didn't have as much to correct because she could catch a lot of her careless errors.


Those kinds of errors actually dropped in frequency after about a month of doing this.

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I will be :bigear: b/c I am ready to inflict grave physical harm. :glare:



:lol::lol: Oh man. :lol: This *really* sums me up today. :lol: Well, most days when the math comes out, but especially today. I had to walk away and write this post. It's been one of those mornings in math. :banghead:


You made me chuckle. I *really* needed that. :grouphug:

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If the work on an assignment when I am NOT there, it gets checked in the evening and corrected then or the next day.

I they work on the assignment and I am THERE when it is completed, I check it immediately and they correct immediately.


The one thing I would find not efficient - but some peopled do it - is to check the work for the whole week at the end of the week. By that time, they have repeated their same mistakes numerous times and have cemented bad habits.

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