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I'm tech challenged and need some help.

My daughter and I both have aol accts for e-mail, but I'm getting so frustrated when signing on to check mail that we have to endure "today on AOL"...particularly today's pics of Sports Illustrated swimsuit ad...is there a way to sign on to get our mail without seeing all of that? I went to "settings" and unchecked the box that said "today on aol" thinking that would eliminate it, but it didn't.

Thanks in advance,


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Okay, I think I have it figured out.


I went to aol mail page (in box) and saved it to my favorites in my web browser.

Then I went to settings and unchecked the "today on aol" box and saved that.

When I went back to my favorites and clicked on the saved link.. it took me straigt to my mail inbox.

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