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Lial Precalc usage question

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My son is flying through Lial Intermediate Algebra, so I'm planning to start Lial's PreCalculus with Limits: A Unit Circle Approach (4th ed) with him next month.


In both Algebra books, I always had him do all of the odd section problems, and then all of the review problems. Maybe it's the size of the book, but the number of odd problems per section in PreCalc seems daunting, and many of them have parts a,b,c, etc.


Has anyone gone through this book, and what was your experience with the scheduling pace/# of problems completed? How long did it take to complete the entire book?



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:bigear: Anyone? My ds is anxiously awaiting news of his fate. He just reminded me of last year's Jacobs Geometry mid-year meltdown, after three months of doing ALL the proofs.


So you see, I'm trying to learn from my mistakes here. :tongue_smilie: I just need to figure out what would be a happy medium, and how much is really enough.

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Okay, my last direct experience with Lial's was when I oversaw my daughter doing Lial's Beginning Algebra. At that time I had her do a smattering of the easy, medium, and more difficult problems of each selection of problems (probably 20 to 25% of all the problems). I also had her do ALL of the review problems.


My husband is currently tutoring a student using Lial's Precalculus. (The book he's using has a somewhat different title than the one you mentioned.) This student is very self-motivated. He basically does an assortment of the problems until he either understands the concepts and moves on or until he gets stuck and asks my husband for assistance. He also does all of the review problems.


My husband said that the problems can sometimes be all easy or all difficult and that there is not the range of problems that I can recall from Beginning Algebra. If you are comfortable with the material, you may be able to select from the problems available and decide what to assign your son. Otherwise, you might have him choose a sampling and determine when he is ready to move on. (In general though, his feeling is that doing half of the problems would be overkill.)


Perhaps others will weigh in.




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