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Question about Rose-Hulman (and lab science in general)

angela in ohio

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I read in one of the college guides (Fiske, etc.) that Rose-Hulman requires homeschooled students to take their two required lab sciences at a local high school or community college. If your student applied there, did you find that to be true? I know I can just email and ask them, but I'm also wondering if this is a general preference among engineering or science programs.


We thought of having dd take some science classes at the local private high school, but she shadowed Honors Bio, and she said they only do one lab a month and they are way behind. Our CC isn't terrible, but it isn't fabulous. I really planned to have her take her sciences at home and then AP science courses through PA homeschoolers. We could try to do dual enrollment classes at UM-Dearborn, though, if necessary.


I felt odd starting to look at these things now (she's in 9th,) but now I'm seeing things that would be terrible to find out later, such as U of M wanting SAT-II tests and this possible lab science issue, and I'm glad we are starting early! I have been hesitant to contact colleges directly, because she is still in 9th. When do you start doing that?

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I still think I'd e-mail them and essentially tell them the same thing you've written here about options. Let them know you're in the planning stages. I've done that with a couple of schools and it's never been a problem. Adcoms are quite friendly.


Here's the only link online that I found:




You may have already seen it. They seem flexible.

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