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It's a small world...and it made my day!!

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I love small world stories- esp when you reconnect with folks.

I have one from last week: I went to writing group last Friday and the gal who organized it had lived in my house for 6 years! She had her lap top with her so I was able to show her pics of the renovated kitchen.

(the house is 80+ yrs old - I've met 4 people who have lived there so far).

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I get it!


My dad went back to school in the early 70's. He walked into his first day of Algebra and some crazy retired Air Force colonel was his prof. The prof was ADAMANT that everyone show ALL their work, no matter how mundane or obvious. He also wanted everyone to participate, so the students were expected to write out the homework problems on the board. The first day of class there was one chalkboard. By the end of the week there was a chalkboard on each wall, going the whole length of the wall. That way all the problems from the previous assignment were up, could be critiqued, and everyone could learn.


In the mid 90's my husband had just gotten out of the Air Force and we moved back to the town my parents were living. He was having a hard time finding a job, so he took whatever work he could find. He got a job doing data entry for a local book publisher. The owner took a shine to him and made my dh his personal assistant. When my dad found out he said, "Hey! That guy was my crazy Algebra prof!"


That guy was John Saxon of Saxon Publishers and Saxon Math!!!


Dh worked for him for about a year and a half, until he got a "real" job. John treated him very well and we have lots of stories about John that make us giggle after all these years. He was a very special, albeit crochety, man.

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Love stories like this! They are always great.


My own story:


I had a great kindergarten teacher in Iowa. I moved to Ohio in the middle of first grade, and we never saw her again. In the summer of third (or fourth) grade we were visiting Yellowstone National Park. We stopped at a lodge gift shop, and inside, also shopping, was my kindergarten teacher!


I could go on and on with various stories, but it is amazing the connections you can find. :)

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In 7th or 8th grade, we went to Mammoth Caves in KY on spring break. I went to a very small private school in MI. While standing in line waiting for our tour to start, we saw another family from our school waiting for the same tour. Their two kids were close to the same grades as my sisters and I, so we hung out together during the tour. It was a great way to get to know them and their family better.

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do u get special discount :D

Jenny, if you're referring to me and Saxon ... sort of ;) We have a few books that my dh actually has his name in for contributing to the editing. If I really needed a book I could get my hands on one. However, we get ours currently thru our ISP.

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Man, mine aren't quite as cool, but I'm comstantly amazed by how small the world is.


My parents were in the same kindergarten class. Both families moved around NJ quite a bit, my mom actually moved to California for a year or two, then they "met" at work when they were 18. Didn't know they had been in the same class until a bit later.


My sister went to high school in NJ, then moved to PA, then moved to GA. She graduated in GA with a boy she went to school with in NJ.


My cousin's wife and my husband's cousin were best friends in high school. I don't even know how we managed to figure that one out pre-Facebook! None of us share a last name.


Two of the girls I graduated with (over an hour and across the state line from here) live within 10 minutes of me (which is the NJ equivilent of "down the road".)


Ds's stepmother and my cousin's wife were good friends for years. They had no idea until they scheduled a double date and my ex and my cousin wound up face to face, lol.

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