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Book Ideas for a 7yo boy

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I have a 7yods (my youngest) that reads at a high school (or beyond) level (self-taught). I am struggling to find things for him to read, and for his English class, that he is interested in and has not already done that is not too far beyond his maturity level (typical baby of the family). He completes his older brothers (4th grade) grammar work before I explain it. I have absolutely no idea where this is coming from. Any suggestions will be more than welcome. FWIW, his 2 older brothers do not read or comprehend like he does, which creates an entirely separate jealousy problem. Please help!!!!:confused:

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Does he only like books at his reading level, or will he read books at many levels if they interest him? IF the latter, what types of things does he like in fiction and/or nonfiction? How sensitive is he, and, if sensitive, is he sensitive to everything or only certain types of things? I ask this because each of my dc is sensitive in different ways, so not all of them would have been able to read the things on Laura's list at the same ages due to sensitivity issues. Of course, my dc don't care what level fiction is if they like the story, so I have a couple who read all over the place for their free reading.

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Here's what my ds has liked enough to read without me egging him on:


The Spy Mice books by Heather Vogel Frederick These are fun books. One of the protagonists is a boy, and the other is a female James Bond type mouse (it's a lot of fun, and the spy mice travel around on tiny skateboards and on pigeons)


The 3 Star Trek cadet books (not great stuff, but they were the first books this long he read on his own)


Leviathan and Behemoth (he's reading the second one now, but has been interrupted by magazines & dh reading to him)

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