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Whose children are participating in Spelling Bees this spring?

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My ds will be participating in our Regional Spelling Bee. Canada has something like 22 regions for this purpose, and the winners of each Regional Bee will go on to the National Spelling Bee in Toronto. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of that will go to the Scripps Bee in Washington DC. Ds participated in the Regional two years ago for the first time ever, and came in 7th place, which I thought was great for his first time! I'm excited for him this year. (am I allowed to say that I hope he wins the Regional, because the prize is $5000 - either scholarship or cash, not sure which - ?? LOL - plus all expenses paid for winner and guardian to the National Bee)


So, who else's children are doing this? Canada or United States? Or are there other countries that do this, too?


Good luck to everyone, and GO HOMESCHOOLERS!!!!

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My son has advanced to our regional bee that will be coming up later this month.


We love spelling bees. :001_smile: My eldest was a speller, and my two younger ones are now competing in bees.


Best of luck to your son!


Us too. DS 10 won his school bee and will compete in Regionals next month.


Good luck to your kids, too! Mine is pretty excited about it.


Anyone else? :bigear:

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