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recommending a well-thought music software


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For parents who are looking for music theory/ear training aid for your children's music learning,


I have been using this software for myself, my husband(semi-professional bass player), and my 7-yr-old daughter for a while.


The ear training software is called Auralia$99. The theory one is called Musition$99. We bought the combo deal($159 before the educator's discount).


It basically takes the student from zero musical training to AP music theory level. For this great amount of content, I thought the price is OK. I had one student learned to tune her cello on her own after practicing ear training with Auralia for a year when she was 9.


My 7yr-old LOVEs learning her piano(traditional method) and cello(Suzuki) ONLY by ear. She can play all her Suzuki book 1 songs but is still reluctant to READ MUSIC for her piano assignments(I still record them on my i phone to help her). So I had to make her practice note reading on Musition and it has helped her tremendously, not merely reading drills but through understanding the contour and relating graphic to audial. The intonation/pitch/rhythm dictation exercise really helps her


In Japan or Taiwan most children take piano before they take a mono-melodic instrument. Here I have noticed the restraint from progressing among my students, due to their limit of music theory understanding and rhythm/pitch training.


This year I am making all my cello private students getting one to practice at home.


BTW, I am not affiliated with this company at all. I just thought to share this info for those of you want to help your children(or yourself, since it's a lot of fun) grasp music/instrument learning.


Have fun,

Shu-Yi, cellist

Euna, 7&3/4, Chinese bilingual/cello/piano/art/SL1-2/Miquon-Saxon-Singapore

Lydie, 2&5mos, Chinese phonic symbols/numbers/Muzzy French 1

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