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spelling games online or software?


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My 8-year-old is the worst speller. I mean, painful! I've found some games online where I can plug in his words and there are some games he can play with them.


Unfortunately, they are all arcade games, and he's not good at those. Are there any reasonable, non-arcade games he can play to practice his words online?


Or, do you know any software that I can purchase or download online to help him?


Thanks so!



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We use SpellingCity.com. I have the premium subscription, so I can list the vocab and our spelling into groups. So, my kids know they have to do whatever week we are on for their CQLA spelling, the week's vocab, and their week's vocab for TOG. (Yeah, that's a lot of vocab, I know. Thankfully, they know most of it, it's just review.) It's $25 a year for a family, and up to 5 kids can get student accounts with that. We really enjoy it. They can take their spelling and vocab tests on there, too, although we do so much vocab, I'm going to be making my own tests for that. ;-)


Spell Quizzer is also an option. They offer a free 30 day trail for you to see their program. It's $29.95 to buy. I have the free trial, but I never have used it. SpellingCity works fine for us, and the kids can access it from their own computer.

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