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Spin off IL SB136 - prayer request (cc)

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Please pray for Illinois families who will be traveling to Springfield for the hearing tomorrow, and for the outcome of the hearing as well. Those of us here in IL are hoping the bill will be withdrawn in committee, and will not make it to the senate floor.


Thank you.

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Illinois: 4,000 Homeschoolers Say "No" to Registration Bill


Dear HSLDA Friends and Members,


An awe-inspiring 4,000 homeschoolers flooded the Statehouse today as

Sen. Maloney did his best to get the Senate Education Committee to

support his plan to mandate registration for homeschoolers. But the

committee did not vote, so homeschoolers must continue to press for

the withdrawal of the bill.




Please call your own senator and ask him or her to contact Sen.

Maloney and ask him to withdraw--NOT AMEND--his bill. Use our

legislative toolbox at http://www.hslda.org/elink.asp?id=10343 to find

your senator.




Sen. Maloney has stated he intends to amend his bill so it impacts

homeschoolers only--not other private schools. There is no way to

amend his bill to transform it into a good bill. Its objective is to

push government control into your living room and kitchen, and that is

unacceptable no matter how he may amend it.


Prior to the hearing this morning, the entire auditorium filled up

quickly for the 9:15 a.m. Home School Freedom Summit in the Howlett

Building. After that, homeschoolers poured into the Statehouse. They

filled the committee hearing room, then completely filled that entire

floor of the Statehouse, even pushing up into the upper galleries.

Security estimated the crowd at 4,000.


While waiting for the hearing to start, the crowd beginning singing.

Strains of "America the Beautiful," "God Bless America," "Amazing

Grace," and "The Star-Spangled Banner" drifted into the committee

room. No one present will ever forget the huge, orderly, but

passionate crowd, the singing, and the sense that their presence made

a powerful statement in defense of liberty. No Illinois senator or

representative will forget that statement, either, I believe.


Recognizing the crowd, staff agreed--for the first time in the history

of the Illinois legislature--to leave the doors to the committee

hearing room open during the hearing (if the crowd would stay quiet)!

The hearing went longer than scheduled. Homeschool leaders testified

powerfully against the bill. Sen. Maloney testified that officials

"needed to know" who was homeschooling, though it was never entirely

clear why.


Some senators worried about homeschoolers "falling through the

cracks." But if "falling through the cracks" means kids ending high

school without a diploma, without being able to read, without being

able to enter college without remedial classes, and with a juvenile

justice record, then "falling through the cracks" is quite common in

public schools. The sad truth is that the public schools do not have

the solution to "falling through the cracks!" Why have the least

effective system of education supervise the most effective system?


The senators on the committee seem closely divided between "for" and

"against" on SB 136. The change of a single vote could have dramatic

consequences. The efforts of every single homeschool family in the

state are urgently needed.


Sincerely Yours,


Scott A. Woodruff

HSLDA Senior Counsel




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