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We had 100 cm's of snow in the last 24 hours.

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We've had lots of snow this winter as well. While it hasn't been an unusual amount, after two years of rather mild winters it feels like the snow is never ending and that I'm drowning in it.


It is currently 55 degrees. It was 58 yesterday and will be in the mid-high fifties tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm convinced that the nice "spring" weather is visiting because God loves me and would rather that I not completely snap. Winter just hasn't been good for me this year, which is odd, because I usually get "reverse" seasonal depression and am sad and mopey during the summer and on a happy mood type high during the winter.


We are supposed to get snow again Friday and Saturday, so I'm soaking up every bit of fresh, warm air while I can. I take comfort from the fact that Spring is sooo much closer now than it was a month ago!

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