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Just venting

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Hubby left for a few days on a business trip yesterday. I woke up this morning to one broken computer and one flaky computer. One sneezing cat and another cat sneezing and watery eye. I'm missing $40 and a jar of applesauce. My eldest has been iffy on her health since Wednesday- she is still coughing, congested, low-grade fever but jumping off the walls. My youngest is no running a low-grade fever and is congested, plus she has a weird itching rash on just one cheek but she is acting totally normal. Are the kids sick or not? Do I take them places or not?


On top of that, my eldest just purposefully pooped in her pants.:banghead:

She is currently scrubbing the floor that she dropped the poop on when she was cleaning herself off. I REFUSE to clean up after a 6 yr old behaving like that!


I hope I can make it the next 24 hours before hubby comes home!

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I have told this story before, but it sounds like you could use it. :)


About six months into one of my dh's deployments I got really sick. I had a terrible, awful cold. Sinus infection, tonsil infection, bronchitis, the works. It was the middle of the night and I started my period. I was unprepared. I had to get my kids out of bed. We ALL go to Walmart in our pajamas (the only time, EVER). I buy: cold medicine, tampons, pads, midol, sodas and chocolate. The young, male cashier would not even LOOK at me, never mind say anything to me. I truly think he was in fear of his life.


Hang in there. :grouphug:

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