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Mom's going back to school, planning for the empty nest.

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I'm going for a degree in Natural Resources and maybe Technical Communications. I wanted something that would make decent money, but that offered some flexibility as far as what I would be able to do, where I'd be able to do it, and how long I'd be able to do it.


I was a medical assistant pre-homeschooling, and I don't think I'd return to that unless I absolutely had to.

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So I have a BA in Eng. Lit. but if I went back to school I think I'd take a serious look at Dental Hygiene. It'd take my cleaning skills to a whole new level!


What about you?


You mean after I am done crying and staying in bed b/c I don't transition well?


I am thinking of finding out more about becoming a tax preparer. Or doing homecare for the elderly. Or working at a sandwich shop. Or becoming a baker at Panera.


I actually can't breathe very well thinking about all the kids being gone. I don't have many years left with them at home.

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I have a BSE Music Ed.


I was looking at what it would take to be on occupational therapist...or a reading specialist/tutor. fyi- it seems I'd have to actually teach in a ps for most masters in any education field...so...that ain't happenin':tongue_smilie: (I do NOT want to teach in a ps!)


I could see myself just tutoring though...if people would hire me without being certified.


I have about 14 years to change my mind though.:001_smile:

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I have been inspired by those who are qualified to respond to major emergencies and natural disasters as part of medical relief teams, as well as those who have very necessary and specific skills to aid in missions-related work. I am too old (physically, IMO) to be an EMT, so I am going to ease into nursing. (Yes, I know I have to be fit for nursing, too, and I am working on that). We'll see how the doors open.


I have one baby-come-lately so while my olders will be gone, I'll have a little friend around for a while. That will make the transition easier!

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I love learning and I love teaching.

Sometimes I think I'm too old and it will never happen. Other times I think you don't get too old to go to school. :)


I saw that in the college catalog and had to pause for a long moment. My college professor sister teaches ESL at a local University. Totally get this one.

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