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Providing child care for one child

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How would I go about finding out what laws/requirements would pertain to providing child care for a friend on an ongoing basis? A friend may be losing her nanny and I was thinking of offering to care for her child. She needs care most days of the week for varying amounts of time...from a few hours to ten hours, depending on her work schedule that day. It would only be the one kid.


Would all of the licensing requirements of a full time daycare apply? I have no interest in running a day care with multiple kids, but I could handle adding one more kid, especially since he and my youngest seem to like each other.

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I found a brochure for a program that helps pay for child care for working moms. It mentioned that she can choose a licensed day care or a relative, friend, or nanny. It mentioned that they were exempt from licensing requirements and the mom was responsible for monitoring quality of care. They wouldn't pay the difference between the private providers rate and state allowance.


I'm taking that as good enough for the moment.

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In Washington state you can watch children from one family without a license. I've been doing it for a few years. If you want to write it off on your taxes, like the use of your home & meals etc., then you will need a business license, which you can get from the state licensing department.

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