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Book Ideas for 7th graders


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I have twin 7th graders and am always searching for books that they will enjoy. My daughter has blown through the Little House books, and is currently reading the Septimus Heap books. Her twin brother has completed Harry Potter and is also reading the Septimus books. He also completed the Percy Jackson books. The trick is that for every five books I try, they tend to actually read one. I am looking for your recommendations on challenging books that might be of interest to picky readers. I would love to get them into some historical fiction, but I can't seem to find something to bridge the gap between the fun of Harry Potter type books and history.



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Try the 39 Clues series. The first in the series is written by Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Percy Jackson books. This series is adventure/mystery/historical fiction. The books are quick reads. My DD, 12, has read the first ten and the eleventh is due out in April. We have also liked books by Elizabeth Enright, Jeanne Birdsall, and Liz Kessler. HTH

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Since you're new, do you know about some of the really good catalogs out there? Veritas Press has a terrific, terrific catalog. They organize it by grade and subject, with all they recs for each thing. They have tons of great history books, all divided by time period and marked for level, and they have lit divided by grade level. Sonlight of course is another great place to look. VP is where I'd start in your shoes. Anything in the 4th-6th gr lit offerings might interest your twins, and they'd all be classic books you could find at the library. The 7th grade listings start into more of a Great Books study, not wanting you're wanting. However anything in lower grades will be just fine. Also some of the classical schools like Highlands Latin school post summer reading lists.


The Well-Trained Mind has terrific reading lists, with chapters for both history and literature. Again, these will be books you can find at your library. They are grade-leveled and will guide you into options you might not have found on your own. (fairy tales from different cultures, historical fiction, excellent abridged versions of classics, etc.)


I also use the TruthQuest guides to find historical fiction, which we read a lot of around here. There are guides by time period. Many of the books are oop, making it only a deal if you like to hunt those down or buy your books. That said, there are amazing gems in the guides, and some of our favorites have come from there.


You can search the boards using advanced search to find literature lists from Lori D. Her lists are always terrific.


Happy reading!


PS. We have a logic/middle grades board, if you'd like to hop over there too. :)

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I could recommend books all day for this age group!


Ender's Game Series (Orson Scott Card)

Maximum Ride Series (James Patterson)

Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins)

The Giver series (Lois Lowry)

House of the Scorpion (Nancy Farmer)

Z for Zachariah (author escapes me)

The Secret Garden (author escapes me, which is ridiculous!)

Little Women series (Louisa May Alcott)

To the Edge of the World (Michele Torrey - can be paired with non-fiction re: Magellan's circumnavigation)


This is also a good age for To Kill a Mockingbird.


The first group of books are "futuristic fiction" which have been recommended specifically by kids (I don't usually pass on book recommendations that kids hate - that is pointless!), but you don't have to be into science fiction to like them (I hate scifi, and I also loved those books).


Here is a link. I am not trying to sell them, I promise, but there are more books listed on there, and it's just easier (plus resources for parents of gifted kids, most of which are available at libraries): http://astore.amazon.com/hone014-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=3

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