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So we evacuated the house at 11 o'clock last night

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A very bad smell coming from downstairs (near water heater?) that was quickly permeating the whole house. Called the gas company and put everyone in the van. The girls were crying either because they were tired and cold or because we wouldn't let them go back in the house to get their dolls. I'm out in the van waiting for the house to explode while dh and the guy from the gas company are checking it out.


Is it any wonder we hate cats? Who would have thought a cat could make such an insanely poisonous smelling mess? Stupid cat. :ack2:

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Glad it wasn't anything worse. Sorry for your upset but you did do the right thing. Better safe than sorry. Do you have a cat looking for a new home now?


Oh, no - he's not ours. There's a fairly large gang of cats who wander the neighborhood :willy_nilly:, and he must have gotten into the garage at some point during the day. I'm so glad we weren't being poisoned with some kind of chemical or gas. My dd and I had been feeling a bit stomach sick, but I guess it was unrelated. :tongue_smilie:

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