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HWOT workshops are fabulous

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I attended the 2 day workshops for HWOT this weekend and I have to say I have a whole new outlook on this program. I was already using it with my kids but as I learned I was not using it quite in the way it was designed to be used and was missing key parts( elements rather than items kwim). I did the pre-k on Friday night, and the K-5 all day Saturday. If you ever get the chance to do the workshops, and are either already using, or at least wanting to use HWOT I highly recommend it. I was lucky because work paid for me to attend so I did not have to pay the expensive registration fee. In the fee we got tons of stuff, all the teacher guides and workbooks for grade pre-K through 5, the wooden pieces, blue mat, roll a dough, stamp set, double lined board, slate, both Cd's, a flip crayons. Saturday I won a draw for another full set of the K-5 books and cd so that was exciting too. I am so excited to use the program with the kids now focusing on the things I learned, and feel re-energized in my homeschooling after the time away and just had to share my excitement.

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