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Latin Prep for 4th grader?


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This is for those that have used LP with younger kids. DS will be a new 9yo and he's already completed SSL & LfC A. I talked to him about just reviewing LfC A in 4th and switching to LP in 5th. He does NOT want to do this. He says it will be boring and he's probably right. He's finishing up the activity book for LfC A and he's done the little history reader.


So if I add in all the LP workbooks and we take our time (2-3 years) to get through LP 1, is it okay to go ahead and start LP in 4th? Otherwise I probably have to get LfC B next year and then LP for 5th. My budget doesn't really like the thought of paying for both.:tongue_smilie:Thanks.

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That's what we've done. She did Minimus in 2nd and Secundus in 3rd. We started LP1 in 4th, using the workbooks. We did chapters 1-5 and the first workbook that year. This year we're working through chapters 6-10 and the second workbook. Next year for 6th, she'll do LP2.


I do feel that using the workbooks and moving slowly with lots of review has been very good for her. Her retention is amazing and she loves the book.


Just and FYI, my dd was only a couple of months past 9 when we started LP1.

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