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Anyone here have a high schooler & also a younger child both doing MFW?

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Do you try to line up their studies as much as you can? For example, do you have your high schooler doing AHL at the same time as a middle schooler is doing CtG? Or high schooler doing WHL and the middle schooler doing RtR? Do they do their history at the same time, and do you combine them at all? Just wondering how smoothly that goes. Thanks!

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My oldest is in AHL (MFW high school year 1) as a 9th grader. She started MFW when she was in 2nd grade.


Middle gal is 6th grade in Rome to the Reformation (MFW)


youngest (2nd grade) tags along in some things, but is in a specialized program for her autism needs. plan to be able to fold her in next year in EX1850.


I intentionally didn't worry to keep them connected in history themes once oldest reached high school years. I wanted to make sure she did a full history cycle in high school level and deal with graduation requirements and college entrance stuff.


Ways we keep thematically connected in school work: my oldest still comes in and grabs book basket for fun from sister's Rome to the Reformation. We invited oldest to join in some of the science. She sees it as a break time to do something fun. And same thing with some of the games/activities in RTR. oldest isn't required, but is invited to join us to play a game. I cleverly try to make sure we do that when she is otherwise looking for something to do instead of reading or needing to be social.


So overall our years in MFW looked like this so far:

2003, ECC and Pre K (2nd grader and Pre K. this was before MFW wrote ADV) youngest was 1 year old I think? Pre K invited to join in fun

2004 CTG (3rd grade) and K (joined in fun)

2005 RTR (4th) and 1st. 1st grader was invited to join in fun in RTR. see a theme here?

2006 EX1850 (5th and 2nd using younger supplement)

2007 1850MOD (6th and 3rd using younger supplement)

2008 ECC for 7th, 4th, and Kindy for youngest who was invited to join in fun

2009 CTG for 8th, 5th, and youngest did 1st and speech therapy

2010 this year oldest in AHL (no problem doing CTG and then AHL. we've had no problem) Middle gal is in RTR and build a program for autism youngest


When my oldest hit high school age, she needed to be more on her own in school and less reading from me. It really has turned out just fine to do CTG and then AHL. the programs are that different level and books and a whole different focus really.


that's my story since 2003



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