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ds has been using wwe 1 & 2 this year. we are about half way through wwe2 and we've reached the point where they stop asking the set of questions designed to help with the narration. poor ds is now lost. he can tell me the story but it takes him 5 or more sentences. how much help should i give him? how much help do you give your kid/s? and do you really use his narration for his dictation? i thought the point of classical writing was to give him lots of exposure to "good" writing, and his writing, while not poor, is no where near as good as the passage or the source. lately i've been using the suggestions for acceptable narrations. and lastly, with the dictation, do you expect that the child should reproduce the dictation word for word, complete with punctuation? for example, last week his dictation was something about "only" such and such came and he wrote "just" instead. it still made sense. and we have that problem especially when he is taking his own for dictation.


Does anybody have any problems similar to this? I really like WWE; it makes so much sense to me, and seems like it works well for ds because he has learned so much.

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I'd start with listening to SWB's lectures A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on the Elementary Years and Writing Without Fear.


If it has become too hard to come up with the narration without questions, I'd make up questions to help him along. Perhaps if you only asked 2 or 3, he'd get a shorter narration. If he is coming up with longer ones, just help him combine the sentences into a shorter narration. There's no rule that you can't help him with the narrations. Don't worry too much about it, one day it will just click. :grouphug:

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