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Jacobs Algebra then what level of Saxon?

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OK, not an ideal situation, but I was wondering where a student who did well through Jacobs Algebra would start with Saxon. Jacobs of course doesn't have the parts of geometry that Saxon Algebra I has, but I believe that could be remediated before starting with Saxon.


In looking at the Tables of Contents, I am thinking maybe Saxon Algebra II?

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While you could try the placement test-- it would not be an easy transition for a self-learner... even with video support.


Saxon has a 'unique' method and 'unique' language and problem types-- and do not expect review in the Algebra 2 text-- it picks right up where the Algebra 1 text left off-- in other words they will NOT go back and show you any steps they taught in Algebra 1 using THEIR method of notation...


It is possible-- but it is not easy. It would be best to have a Saxon Algebra 1 text on hand for a reference.


I would also suggest working through some problem sets or tests from Saxon Algebra 1 before jumping in. Saxon's texts are NOT arranged in any sort of 'order'-- so you cannot easily remediate incomplete concepts.


If you start Saxon at the Algebra 2 level I suggest working a separate Geometry program to ensure your student is ready for the Geometry questions on the ACT/SAT type tests.

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I'm not fond of Saxon, but circumstances sometimes overrule.


I can get Algebra I locally at a used curriculum store, so we will plan to do parts of the Saxon Algebra I book over the summer. I was wondering if we needed to do that, and it sounds like we truly do. And I do have Geometry covered too.

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