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Math U See: long term success?


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Please share your experiences with MUS. Five years ago I was sure that is what I would use with my oldest child. Some research led me away from it. I can't remember why. Now I am reconsidering it for some of my other children. I'm sure by now more people have had an opportunity to use it through jr. high or high school. How do MUS kids do in the long run? Are there threads here already discussing this?



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I don't have time to link you up, but there are several threads that have discussed this. I know because I just was reading about this last night! Try an advanced search using "mus" searching titles only in the high school forum. It sounds like mixed reviews, but there are some that think it is not challenging enough. You could also search for Demme and find a thread with his response to those who think it is not challenging enough. Hope this helps. :)

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