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HElp with making dipping chocolate...

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In the past, before I knew I was supposed to add a tiny bit of shortening or coconut oil, I just melted the choc. chips in a double boiler and dipped whatever I was dipping. It's a thicker dip and doesn't come out as smooth and perfect, but it worked just fine for our purposes. If you're just dipping stuff at home for fun and not to, say, sell at a bake sale or something, it should be just fine.

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I always put my chocolate chips in a double boiler, melt them, and dip. I have NEVER had a problem. (When people say "it's so hard" I just kind of, :confused:) I got some parafin wax awhile ago and occasionally I'll throw some in there if I want the chocolate thinner or to make it stretch. Otherwise, I just use the chocolate chips. I'll be doing this tomorrow, in fact! Making chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. :)

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