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Best English sequence for an English degree/editor-to-be?

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I have a dd that is interested in becoming an editor. What would be the best English program for someone with such an interest? Honestly, I had planned to not even do English through high school. She takes Latin, so my plan was to simply do a half credit of literature and a half credit of composition each year of high school (and that is all I have planned for this year.) The only English classes I had planned to have her take at the CC were Comp. I, Comp. II and Speech. I'm not certain I want her taking any Literature classes at the CC and there isn't much else in the English department. My dd would like an English program to work through or suggestions on other things she could do through high school if becoming an editor was her ambition. (Lots of reading is already covered. :)) I would appreciate any suggestions!

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Is there a linguistics class she can take at the CC? I had to take one to get certification as an English teacher and most of the CCs in the area offered it since it was a required course for many programs. It sometimes hides under a LANG or LING designation in the course catalog rather than ENG as you would think. The skills taught in this type of class would be invaluable for an editor.


Other than that, I would do a Great Books emphasis with LOTS of writing. She really needs the literature component as a future English major, and if you are not comfortable with her doing it at the CC (and I don't blame you) I would do it yourself at home, online, or with a tutor.


There was also a great blog post by SWB on the Well Trained Mind blog about why a major in something other than English may be best for teaching writing. Your dd may want to consider this and think about majoring in something like International Studies, History, Classics, etc. for the writing emphasis but with the intention of gaining employment as an editor. Either way, a strong Great Books program with lots of writing & research (assuming you are also covering grammar and writing conventions in teaching writing) will serve her well to prepare her for that type of career.

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My eldest, a junior in college, is minoring in editing and publishing. Here are the courses required for this minor:


Graphic Design

Advanced Grammar

Advanced Composition

Production Tools (a computer oriented class - I'm not sure of the content)

Style and Mechanics


Technical Editing


Many of her friends are majoring in "Technical and Professional Communications" - basically a major that qualifies you to edit most printed materials outside of journalism and literature. These students take several more computer oriented classes like website design etc.


I think my dd would have benefitted from a computer course in high school. Graphic Design was her biggest challenge because so much of what she was learning was unfamiliar.


My dd took a Rhetoric class in 11th and 12th grades. This was excellent preparation for her history major and editing minor. (Below is a link to the first year book, she was blessed to be able to take the course from the author of this book.)




I would also consider making her do some grammar all 4 years of high school, possibly AG in 9th and 10th and then the reinforcement books in 11th and 12th.



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Thanks for the suggestions! We checked the CC and there are no linguistics classes offered, but there is a Graphic Design class. I don't know whether dual enrolled students can take the class though. She will check. She has said she would like to take English grammar classes through high school - I'm just not sure what to have her work through. I will certainly look at AG.

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