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Prof. B Math with CD's or CLE for the 1st 4 years?


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Okay I have Prof. B on the way to me, but was also suggested CLE. Which also has raves reviews. Has anyone tried both of these and which do you prefer. Pros, and cons either way. And for the Prof. B I am talking of the one with the CD's since it does seem to streamline it more than when it was just the books. I am hoping less teacher intensive.


For all my older children we had used MUS, but I know we are wanting something different that masters the 4 operations in less than the 4 years MUS uses. My youngest have been doing flashmaster and flashcards but they want more.


Hopefully someone here has tried both. In the long run Prof. B with be less money since one workbook covers 3 grades and is only $13. This is very nice, especially with a large family.


Thanks, lmk what you think.

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I don't know anything about Prof. B's but we started CLE for my oldest last year (when she was in 3rd). It's the first math that she's really "gotten" so I really like it. She loves it too and even asked for more "light units" in other subjects. The reason I like it so well is it is gentle but thorough, it teaches to the student, and it's spiral. I think one reason she likes it is because the light units are shorter workbooks so she can see the "end" in sight. She has ADHD and focus is hard for her. She has thanked me several times for them (which is saying a lot!) and she specifically thanked me for getting them for her b/c they've helped her become a better cook :D (by really teaching her measurements). I like that they incorporate measurement, time, etc. into the program. I also like that it includes speed drills (which I don't stress her out over), word problems, and some oral problems. I think CLE works very well for the right student. My daughter's strength is not in math. I can see how it would be boring or repetitious to a child who is strong in math.


Other programs we've tried (although some very briefly) and this is almost embarrassing.... MUS, Singapore, Horizons, RS, TT.... I especially thought MUS and TT would work great for her but she hated both and fought me a lot over math and it just wasn't worth it. We are sticking to CLE now (first child is my experiment).

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