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Hi. I have never posted on the HS board before, but I think I have read the whole of it. I have been reading every thread I could find on science, because I really want to commit to a science curriculum for high school. It is hard to believe that my little girl - who was just "yesterday" reading a picture book on animals and impressing her great-grandmother with her ability to say "Sugar Glider" - is going to start 8th grade in April. I am struggling with a decision on which BJU science to choose. I had her watch the video samples and she liked the idea of the DVD accompaniment. I am stuck on whether Earth or Life is the way to go. FWIW, she did do SL Science 5 last year, which covered a great deal of what is listed in the BJU Life TOC. But it was not a textbook course, so maybe that should factor in my decision. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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