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Nutrionist, Food Allergies, Autism, BellyBoost....

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This is in regards to my dd 7 yr. (our 8th) who has adhd/pdd autism spectrum.


Dd was on supplements a while ago but we stopped because of money. Well, we decided to give them to her again because she has melt downs etc.

(She is on 7.5 mg of focalin...this is mostly to get her through school work in the morning...she can't concentrate without it)


First Has any one used "Belly Boost" for their child that has eczema? (I just heard of this on the web)


Ok, I started dd with a Nutrionist. She wants her to start taking "AF Betafood" for her gallbladder/liver...because she said all her allergies (Gluten/wheat...per request of doctor to be taken off... dairy, soy, etc...) are from how she was feed when she was a baby. (rice, oatmeal, first...like recommended from drs.) She said that was wrong. Dd doesn't have bowel problems or belly aches. Have any of you put your child on "AF BetaFood"?


The nutrionist also would have given her a supplement with dairy in it even after I said she was extremely allergic....hives, itching, out of control. I said no way. For some reason she seems to want to eventually get her back on these foods. Is that really possible??


*Every other supplement given was fine with me and her regular doctor.*

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