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Are Lego Minifigures the same size as the ones that come with sets?

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My 8 yr old is very sad because he has TONS of Lego, but no men :( I am trying to find him some and came across "Minifigures". Does anyone know if these are normal, regular sized Lego men??




Look up Lego Magnets. They are minifigs attached to removable magnetic bases. At $14.99 for three magnet/minifigs they are more affordable than trying to buy individual figures or lego sets.



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Yes, mini-figs are the standard size. Microfigs, on the other hand, come with games and are smaller (1 brick peg wide instead of 2-basically a 2x1 with painted features and some molding). My DD loves them because they're "baby" minifigs (it's been a struggle to keep the lego games out of the general lego bin, and I may yet end up giving up-especially since the Minotaur is only in the games).


You can easily remove the keychain from the lego keychains and use them as mini-figs, but if you want to be able to take the pieces apart, it takes doing some surgery and a steady hand with a drill, because there's a screw that goes all the way through the figure. There are plenty of video tutorials on how to dismantle the keychains and magnets.

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This used to be so - but with the new magnet sets, the minifigs are no longer detachable from the base. :sad:


We bought some magnets in December, at the Lego Store in Houston, TX and they were detachable.


We also bought keychains, though for those we had to cut off the keychain portion and the pieces don't move.


To the OP, the various Lego Battle Packs (for knights, castles, star wars, pirates, etc...) are another inexpensive way of getting a few min-figs (mini-figures, aka, "guys").


There is also a large set of min-figs, City themed, that is around $40 or so. Has a ton of guys in it. Lego.com also has pick-a-brick where you can build your own, on-line, and order it that way. They have various heads, bodies, arms, legs, accessories, hair/hats, etc. for very cheap per piece, the child chooses pieces and you order them as individual bricks. Might be an idea.


If you have a Lego Store near you, they also have a section where you can build a set of 3 mini-figs for $10; that's another option as well.


The micro-figures are the tiny ones that come with the new lego board games, but anything called a min-fig, mini-fig, mini-figure, etc. is the regular sized lego guy.


Oh, if what you are looking at is the random "Series Two" or "Series Three" mini-figs, know that there's no way to choose which one you get; they come in sealed packages and it's luck of the draw. Still, they are fun characters. Amazon often has individual mini-figs for sale. You can search "Lego Mini-Figs" or "Lego Mini-Figures" and tons will come up.

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