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xpost: following simple instructions.


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I'm having a problem with dd who is about to turn 10. When learning a new task she has a really difficult time remembering instructions. A couple days ago I made Jello with her, figuring this was a good 1st step in cooking. She already makes top ramen and mac and cheese.


We made this together a couple days ago, and tonight was her first semi-solo adventure. Also, we make a doubled recipe for our family. I have a 2 cup measuring cup she uses. She got thru the hot water step and as she was disolveing the jello I reminded her of my special instructions. We fill the measure cup half with ice and then to the 2cup line with cold water. I walked her thru it 4x's. She came and found me and asked how much cold water to add after the cup of ice? :001_huh: I said, "You filled it up to the half way point and then filled it up to the 2 cup line with water right?" She insisted she had, but when I went in and had her walk me thru it she had only filled it halfway with ice...then dupped it into the straight jello mix.


If you have tracked with me this far :D please know, this isn't a big deal to me!!! What is concerning me is the fact that I am noticeing this more and more in dd. She seems to be able to hold only one detailed step in her head at a time. Any thoughts?


I want to be talk myself out of anything going on. She can memorize horse eq. riding patterns with little problem, but she did have some speech issues a couple years ago, not physiological problems, but inserting incorrect words out of context regularly.

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Was she evaluated for the speech problems? Working memory could affect what you're talking about, or it could be language processing, or it could just be that it was confusing or disinteresting or unfamiliar to her. I mean you had *me* confused, and I've made jello before, lol. I'd make a list of all the attention and language issues you and your dh notice and then see where you're at.

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:D It's much more difficult to write out!!!!


She did get tested and we lost all copies of her tests, in the move :tongue_smilie:. Actually, a whole box of important paper work went missing.


Anyway, she was tested by the school for comprehension problems. She was placed in speech therapy with the school, but the therapist had a baby, the replacement was covering 2 rural schools and dd went thru the cracks. Her issue was considered minor.


An example of her speech issues was saying, "I'm so rich." When she meant, "lucky." Or, "Their so popular!" said with attitude and a bit of snark, when she meant, "Their so mean!" (usually this was in regards to a couple girls who were being mean in her eyes...or trying to be Alpha girls)


That said, we have the context issues under control, but now she is having difficulty holding more than 1 task in her head, at a time.


Anyway, it's something I have started to take note of.

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