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Anyone like to comment about the literature portion of Classical Writing?

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I'm trying to decide on lit. for my oldest for 8th grade and high school and I just realized that Classical Writing has assigned literature selections starting with Diogenes, which she will be moving into next year.


I'd like to know if anyone could tell me about it. My knowledge base is at 0 right now so any info. would be great. Thanks!

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If so, you'll find lots of very specific guidance in the chapters on reading for logic stage students.


If not, check the PHP website - SWB addressed the topic of teaching literary analysis at a conference I attended a couple of years ago, and there may be a CD which covers this. If there is, that would be a very helpful resource as well.


ETA: Oops - I just realized you are asking about a program called Classical Writing :o

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I have a child currently in Chreia and one in Maxim. They occasionally do the optional literature assignments, but I personally think they are not enough lit. for an entire year. Maxim, for instance, has them reading:


Autobiography by Ben Franklin

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

The Story of the Romans by Gueber

Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare (selections)


That's it. I think the readings are great for context when imitating the writing and researching the author, but I do not think you could make it your entire lit. year. Perhaps you could start with these selections and add in some of the WTM recommendations to round out the year?

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Aime - they are completely optional...not required in order to complete the writing assignment. They just give more info. and context.


Thank you Nancy, that is what I thought from your first post but wanted to be completely clear before I started placing orders for other lit programs and reading heavy science and history.:001_smile:

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We are currently using Maxim. I purchased Progeny press lit guides for Julius Caesar and Merchant of Venice. With these we actually study the literature more intensely. I have really liked this combination with the CW writing lessons.


This is the kind of thing I am planning on doing with my oldest next year, who will be in Maxim as well. I like to study a few books in depth, then let him read more widely but not require anything from it other than, "Hey! What did you think of that?" I don't want all reading to be "work" -- if you know what I mean.

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