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Which subjects are not considered school by your children?


Choose all the subjects not considered school by your children  

  1. 1. Choose all the subjects not considered school by your children

    • math
    • language arts
    • history
    • geography
    • science
    • foreign language
    • art
    • music
    • read alouds
    • home ec

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No votes for the 3R's so far, I was thinking maybe there would be at least one somewhere out there. (LA is 2 R's combined, so the first 2 are the 3 R's.)


My son does enjoy math, but he knows it is part of "school." It also seems that he is not alone in his thoughts about about read alouds, he asked of Farmer Boy, "How is this school, exactly?" :lol:


Very interesting...

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I listed art, music, and readalouds, but parts of foreign language and science fall in there, too-DD considers the book stuff "school", but the other stuff "Not school". Dancing to songs in Spanish, playing with kids on the playground and speaking Spanish, listening to Latin chants in the car, Reading Minimus in her room...not school. Reading books on her own...not school. Scratch programming...not school. Playing piano...not school. Building a model of a castle out of legos and creating little seige engines to storm it-not school. Mixing stuff in the kitchen to see what happens...not school. Our weekly co-op science class...not school. She also doesn't consider dance or tumbling classes to be "school", although I count them as PE for our cover school.



In general, anything involving paper is school to DD. Everything else isn't.

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My kids love their Spelling Workout books.....but we changed from SWR. Even I think it looks more fun. The rest is not high on their fun list so I did not check it.


History is the self paced course with Veritas Press and that has been wonderful for my son. My daughter just loves History anyway (with HOD).

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I would have to ask my 7 year old what subjects are school. I'm guessing he'd say his whole life is school :) When we're in the grocery store, we're doing math. When we were in the car today, he kept reminding me to turn back on Story of the World. He's walking around singing his Hebrew alphabet. I'm not sure what he thinks as "have to" except for maybe reading. He doesn't like to HAVE to read. He wants to "play" instead :)

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