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Do your children consider science experiments "school?"


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Just wondering. My children rushed to finish up "school" so they could do a science experiment that came in the mail today.


Evidently, my children do not consider science experiments to be school! :lol:




I did the poll wrong, and it went away. I will get one with a poll and link.

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No, my boys don't consider science experiments to be 'school' either. Good thing, because they received a LOT of science experiment kits for Christmas. :)




Nope! Science, history, art, read alouds, home economics they don't consider school. Not even Greek;) To my dc school is math or English


Yes, my son is very suspicious about read alouds.


After a few weeks of Farmer Boy, he asked me, "How exactly is this school?"


They think history is school but not art. They also do not realize that 90% of what we watch on Netflix is educational. (OK, they watch a lot of Ice Age and things like that with Dad while I read. Make that 50% of what they watch.)


Mythbusters is educational, right? Otherwise, make that 30%.

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