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My household has the flu.

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It started with dh 8 days ago. Zee has been down for six days, and Moose for four. It finally claimed me yesterday. I dragged the children in to the pediatrician, just to hear 'yep, they have a viral infection. It's going around. Just try to keep them comfortable.'


I. Am. Miserable.


Just needed to whine.

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DD's been sick last Saturday, I think she's almost over it. DH and DW#2 came down with it on Tuesday, DW#2 has it the worst (but she usually does, she just quit smoking a few months ago), DH is getting better. I came down with it Wednesday morning.


I really hope DD and I are over it by Monday. We'll be sleeping in a tent with lows in the low 40's to upper 30's...it's at least supposed to be dry.


Also I would like to not be sick when I go into labor, nor have anyone sick when the baby comes!

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Oh man. I'm so sorry. It's ALL over the Detroit area. All of my dd's friends have had it in the last month. ALL of them. I SO want to stay away from this, but the way my kids catch things, somehow I doubt it.

:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: Get lots of rest and have your dh take care of you1


It really is. The pediatrician had to double book us to get us in they're so busy. And the dr said that's pretty much all she was seeing. In fact, she was out with it herself last week.

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