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ChemAdvantage no longer doing honors!

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Arrgh! We had toyed with the idea of Chemadvantage Honors Chemistry for next year. I just saw on their website that they will focus exclusively on AP Chemistry and discontinue Honors chem as of Fall.

Any good suggestions for an alternative?

DD loves lectures. We looked at MIT Open Courseware - but no introductory chemistry available. :-(

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Hello! Last year my son (currently in AP Chem with ChemAdvantage - found through PA Homeschoolers) did chemistry with DIVE. He used both Apologia texts throughout the course of the year, letting DIVE "drive" the course - thus he skipped around in the texts to match the lectures. We have accumulated a pretty vast array of lab supplies, so we were able to do many of the labs here at home. My son found the course very valuable and great preparation of AP Chemistry. I have also heard really good things about Spectrum Chemistry. I don't know if the DIVE guy has a syllabus for Spectrum, but if your dd really like lectures, you may be able to match up the content yourself. You could also look at Hippocampus to see if they have any chemistry videos - free is a good thing! Good luck finding what you need for your daughter!



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