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How beneficial are kids magazines?

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I'll start by saying I love ordering magazines for my kids. At this moment we get the following, though I've subscribed to various ones over the years.


- Kids Discover

- Appleseeds


The problem is I really want to order more. It's an addiction, I think :tongue_smilie: My daughter reads so much though. And we do get a TON of books from the library as well as have a nice collection of our own. Just trying to decide whether more subscriptions adds enough value for us. And I'd love recommendations also, if you have any. She is just turning 8, and my son is almost 5 (not reading but loves me to read to him).



- Muse (looks interesting)

- Stone Soup (hoping it might motivate her to want to write more)


Any thoughts or suggestions? I don't have any interest in the American Girl magazine (have seen it and it didn't appeal).


Others that look great:

- Calliope

- Cobblestone

- Dig

- Learning Through History


See, addiction! Problem is I can't justify paying for all of them. Help!

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I could do the same but I limit each kid to one subscription. Our library has magazines so if they want to see more they can check them out there. While I like to give them good quality magazines I also struggle with the land fill issue of getting more and more magazines, when we could just check them out from the library.


DD12 saves her magazines and treats them like books. Ds16 will revisit the same magazine over and over. They don't just read and toss, but I don't like to encourage that either by having so many.



The other thing I sometimes struggle with, is "If one is good two is great!" I sometimes need to remember that just because I can provide more, doesn't mean it is good for the kids to get more. I have to remind myself that helping the kids make a single choice is good, and teaches them that they can't have every single thing they want (even if I want them to have it too). I sometimes have to force myself to teach my kids moderation.

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Oh I agree - that's why I'm only trying to order the couple that will give us the best bang for our buck.


I wish our library system had better children's magazines, but alas it doesn't!


Maybe they will accept yours for donation? Another idea would be to check and see if they will accept a gift donation of a subscription?

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We've had subscriptions to many different magazines. We love the ones put out by the people who do Muse. My #1 rule for kids' mags is NO ADVERTISING. Second - I don't want it to look like one huge comic book. (This is my biggest beef with Boys' Life, which could be an EXCELLENT magazine if they did away with all that crap.)


Over the years, we have had Ranger Rick, Muse, Click, Cricket, Calliope, and Cobblestone - most were gifts from some smart relatives. Now we have back issues galore of these magazines. Now that we have boxes and boxes of back issues of these mags and we get ones mostly for adults: National Geographic, Smithsonian, Air and Space, the Economist, Science News. Scientific American.


Back to the kids' magazines ... can you preview them in your library? Our library has a subscription (and now I am reminded about them so I will pick up a few today.)

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