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New here!


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I have no idea how I found this forum (probably searching for math help), but I love it!


I have 2 amazing kids ages 10 and 6, currently in regular public school. My 10 year old daughter is in 4th grade. I've known that she has "issues" with reading comprehension, but I've just noticed that her spelling and grammar skills are that of a PS 4th grader :rolleyes:.


My 6 year old has a joke of an IEP and is in 1st grade. He is in a regular class with a billion other kids, has speech therapy one time per week if the SLP decides to see him, has occupational therapy once per week, and no academic goals. He also qualified for Title I reading. It is now quite obvious that regular PS is not for him. He recently had a math (they use Everyday Math) test and got 2 right out of 12!


I refer to PS as "regular" PS, because I'm strongly considering using a cyber school that is PS in our state. I'm not sure if this will be a jumping off point for homeschooling, or if it will work for us long term.


At home, I (very seldom) use singapore math, HOP, and handwriting without tears (HWT) with the 6yo. I have to find more I like for my daughter, but I aslo encourage HWT cursive, lots of choice reading, and basic math facts practice as often as possible. Unfortunately with them being out of the house for 7 hours, and my little one only being awake for 12 hours, it makes supplementing very difficult. I would love to just pull them out and homeschool, but some family dynamics make that close to impossible.


I look forward to "meeting" everyone here!

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Hi there, and welcome to the Hive! This is a great place for support and learning and I'm glad you found it.


You may want to cross-post over on the General Board since this is the K-8 Curriculum Board and most people use it to talk about that subject.


Anyhoo - again, welcome!




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I homeschool a friend's son, he had an IEP in public school, was supposed to be pulled out several hours every day for special help..but we really wondered what they were doing with him, he was regressing in reading skills. I homeschool him now, I don't know what state you are in, but in Ca they have charter schools that are made up of all homeschoolers, through one of these, we were able to continue his IEP- it's less pull out time, but the special ed tutor is so much more effective then what they had going on in the old school- he is doing so much better.


you might want to search your state for homeschool groups, they might have information about what kind of help you can receive, even if homeschooling.


welcome to the hive, it's a very nice place!:001_smile:

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You may want to cross-post over on the General Board since this is the K-8 Curriculum Board and most people use it to talk about that subject.




I truly meant to include some curriculum questions! LOL.


To cross-post, do I just retype and mention that it is here as well?


On to the questions;


Does anyone do/use cyber school? I'm considering Commonwealth Connections Academy. It's public school, so no tuition. I know that HSing my son would take quite some time to get into, and I honestly do not know where he stands academically or even cognitively. I hate that I've spent his 6 years focusing and pointing out his weaknesses and begging "systems" (early intervention, schools, etc) for help. I don't know what he's good at. I don't know what his strengths are. :crying:. I think this is partly because evaluations will state his strengths in a testing way as opposed to his "how he learns" strengths. I feel I "need" the services he qualifies for through PS, especially speech and language therapy.


Does anyone teach different religions? Is there a multi-belief curriculum? I try to expose my kids to all belief systems. I do not have spiritual beliefs, and am trying to teach my kids to think and question everything, in a respectful way.


Can anyone recommend a language arts curriculum for a language delayed boy? He was non-verbal until 2, and did not have functional lagnuage until about 3.5. He is now verbal, can have a conversation, etc., but it still very delayed when compared to boys 5-7 years old.

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Look at the laws in your state. In many states, you can still get speech therapy even if you homeschool.


My 4 year old is getting speech therapy through the public school, and they know that he won't be attending the school (when signing up, I had said he'd been in private school... now his speech therapist knows that he will be homeschooled, since his big brother waits in the van with me now during therapy :D).


Now other therapies are sometimes hard to get for homeschooled children. Speech seems to be one that is a lot easier.

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