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My 12 yo is getting on an airplane without me tomorrow...


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Once again, I have to choose between my daughters. Dd2 has an away gymnastics meet, and dd1 has her state diving meet. Last year I missed the state diving meet and went to an away meet with dd2. This year I'm staying. It's the first gymnastics meet I've ever missed!


Dd2 is not bothered in the least. :001_huh:

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You're a braver woman than I. Than me????


It's not a matter of bravery, it's a matter of necessity. I guess I could have said dd2 can't go to the meet because I'm staying home, but I do feel like she's mature enough to travel with another family. I guess I'm just not mature enough to stay home without her!


Is she flying with her team?


Most of the team happens to be on the same flight, but each family is responsible for their own athlete. She's traveling with a team mate and team mate's mom.

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