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Did you see this write up on anaemia?

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I just read this because I have IDA.


I am confused as to why it says "It could save your life". What does that mean?? From the anemia, or from not haveing an endoscopy showing an ulcer?


86%??? Hmmm. The thing that concerns me about that article, is that many women do not know they are IDA unless they have a full anemia panel done including their ferritin levels. And this is not done often unless symptoms appear. And by that time, ferritin, MCV/MCH/HGB/HCT/TIBC/Iron Sat/Serum Iron is so low, it is caused by month after month of menses bleeding, combined with a diet low in iron.


Many GYN offices only do HGB levels and that does not define IDA.


Many hematologists will offer Endoscopies and Colonoscopies to rule out bleeding elsewhere.


But when you bleed, you lose iron. So yes, many Dr's will assume it is from your periods. But you can get tested for other things just in case. But usually, you will show symptoms of upper GI bleeds such as ulcers. Polyps can be found on colonoscopies, but GI Dr's will tell you that could just be a contributing factor, combined with monthly blood loss.


This article also does not mention the possibility of Celiac, IBD, or the use of medications that inhibit iron absorbtion(Such as medications for reflux or IBS)


I think that this article could be a scare tactic. The last thing we need is to have every woman running for endoscopies out of fear something could be wrong. Even with no symptoms.


I have IDA, and it doesn't sit right with me that someone is saying it could save your life without offering any other explanantions for IDA.

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