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Skip Counting or Adding Song mp3s?


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If you have Discovery Education, and search for songs, they've got a bunch available for download as part of your subscription. Some are better than others, but if you've already paid for it for this year, check there first.


I also have found a lot of nice math (and other) songs on Napster.com-which is nice because I use Coke reward points to get them free. Since my DH's company goes through diet coke like it's water, at least I can get the benefit of free teaching materials :) And since most of the people in the office have known DD since she was a baby, they have no trouble saving the codes for me.

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I listened to samples from the websites everyone posted. I decided to get this album because the music wasn't annoying to me like some of the songs. (Can you tell I'm not very big on children's songs?)


I am the same way about children's songs. Even this one annoys me BUT I can handle it in small doses.


Glad I could be of some help. :)

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