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Drum cartridge vs toner cartridge

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So you need both?



In some printers/copiers, the drum and toner will come together as one cartridge. In others, they are separate cartridges. You would have to open your printer to see if the drum is attached to your toner cartridge.


How it works:

The drum is the specially coated metal tube that carries an electro-static copy of your original image. The toner is the powder "ink" that clings to the static "image" on the drum until it is transferred (by an opposite electrical charge) onto your paper. The toner is then fused (by heat and pressure) onto your paper.



If you have fine, black lines on your copies, it could be caused by a scratched drum. If you have wide, white (blank) lines on your copies, it could be caused by low toner. If you have light splotches in your black areas, it could be caused by either worn developer (the other component of the toner powder), or by too-dry paper (usually paper that has already gone through the printer and got heated/dried). If you have black spots, it is probably a dirty platen glass. If you have white spots with crisp outline, it is probably a chipped drum.

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