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Is there ANYwhere to buy curriculums in North Dallas Texas

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I am frustrated by not being able to physically SEE something before I buy it! Mardel carries very little of what is available. Barnes and Noble is no help either. I am trying soooo hard to get to a convention, but so far I have no been able to. :confused:


Is there anywhere in the DFW (Texas) that carries a good range of curriculum? Heck, I could even look in Houston when I'm visiting family!


HELP! Aghhhhhhhhhh!

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Hi! I live in Watauga (North FW area) and have visited all of the store mentioned above.


The Book Cover has a LOT of stuff, but most of it is older and used. You can find great things there, but it's not the place to go looking for a specific item you can't live without. It is the place to browse for interesting add-ons! They also offer Moms Only nights once a month (ish) where only moms (and nursing babies) can come and they open the store late, offer snacks and drinks, and the staff is there to answer any questions.


Center for Home Education & Creative Arts in Action are the same place. CAIA is the title for the side that offers classes and theater opportunities for homeschoolers (we take an art class there that is good) and CHE is the store front that offers a reasonable selection (better than Mardel) of new homeschool materials and a small coffee shop. They don't have everything, but they have a lot. Their stuff is rarely on sale, however. You are paying for the hands on selection and the help of the staff. They've helped me a lot and always take time to chat. It is a pretty small place, though, and it can get crowded during class times with lots of homeschool kids drinking coffee :D



Hope that helps!!

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There's a homeschool store in Lewisville,

Home Educator's Resource. They're fantastic. I've been able to look at every curriculum I wanted before I bought it there.


Of course, now that I'm in KS I don't think there's a hs store in the state. :glare:


The book fair in Arlington is coming up in May. http://www.homeschoolbookfair.org/more-Info/other-fairs.html


It's really good too.

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There's a store in Lewisville, but I don't know if they sell new or only used.




I've only been there once but I got a lot of stuff.

They sell new and used. Right now they are under "winter hours" so close earlier than normal, so call before you go.



Once upon a time, I heard that the Life Way Christian store in Hurst had a dedicated homeschool section. I have never visited or called to confirm.

Hurst LifeWay Christian Store

924 Northeast Loop 820

Hurst, TX 76053




Depending on what you are looking for - Teacher's Tools is fun to visit.


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