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Singapore Math...standards vs. In Focus


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I just read about Singapore Math's "Math in Focus". Anyone familiar with this program? Is it drastically different from Singapore STandards math? It seems more like MUS - diving into particular concepts without a ton of review. Anyone switch from one to the other? What did you find?




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MIF is "new" syllabus Singapore while Primary Math is the pre-2001 syllabus. I previewed the 4th grade MIF and thought that it seemed less challenging than PM- the MIF scope & sequence was behind PM and the MIF Enrichment book was a lot easier than PM Intensive Practice.


I would suggest reading the previous threads comparing MIF with PM:


Comparing Math in Focus, Singapore Primary Std., and Math Mammoth

MM, Singapore, MIF: Which is easiest to teach?

Math in Focus

Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach

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