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Combining SOTW 2 and MOH 2


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A couple of years ago I planned out an entire study for my oldest using MOH in order and scheduling in all the extra resources that I already own. I didn't work SOTW into it, though, because didn't really want him using it on the second round through. I'd like to use the same schedule for 2nd ds for 8th grade next year, and I'd like the 4th & 2nd graders to use SOTW, but would love for them to be on the same topic as older ds. It's been great this year reading MOH to all of them, then sending the older ds off to outline Kingfisher while I read SOTW to the youngers. I'd love to keep this same type of thing going, but realize that MOH 2 would be over the heads of the younger kids.


I found a schedule on Paula's archives that lines the two books up, but goes in a completely different order. Has anyone gone through MOH in order with an older and done SOTW simultaneously with younger kids? Am I setting myself up for frustration trying to keep them on the same topic? Should I just have the younger ones working independently of the older, going through SOTW in order? I'm open to any experience/suggestions that you may have.


BTW, I don't want to use Biblioplan because it doesn't go in MOH order and because I don't want to have to buy the extra resources that BP uses.

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I'm kinda doing it. I have a basic outline but I'm finding it a tad bit frustrating. SOTW 2 spends more time stretching out stuff like knights, castles, etc. Whereas MOH 2 spends FAR more time on church history. So we have some weeks where the topic in MOH 2 would be 2-3 chapters in SOTW 2. Other weeks that SOTW 2 doesn't relate at all.


Or say MOH 2 covers Africa one week. MOH 2 will pick one or two countries and SOTW 2 will be covering a completely different country and slightly different time period. Aghg. Just makes it frustrating to decide which one to put the focus on, kwim?


I'm using MOH 2 as my spine and when we hit a topic that is covered in SOTW 2, we read that chapter and pull from those activity pages. I also let the kids listen to SOTW 2 in the car as fun review. They love Jim Weiss. I'm sticking to the pacing of MOH 2 which means 3 lessons per week.


My wiggly son was 8yo most of the year (he turned 9yo this week) and I haven't found him to have difficulty with the subject matter of MOH 2 at all. He's enjoyed it. I'm not trying to say that would be the case with your kiddos but you may be surprised at how readable MOH 2 is. I add in grade-appropriate library books & reading and it really helps pull it all together.

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I'm using MOH 2 as my spine and when we hit a topic that is covered in SOTW 2, we read that chapter and pull from those activity pages. QUOTE]


This is what I'm doing with my kids this year with MOH 1 and SOTW 1, but we're going by geographical region instead of in the order of MOH. I was just afraid that MOH 2 would be over the 7yo's head. Maybe I'll have to rethink it and keep MOH as a spine.

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